The Girl from Seat 4E

21 Jun

I’m not saying it was love at first sight, cause it wasn’t.

On my recent flight from JFK to LAX, I anticipated one of two things to happen. The first, sitting next to JJ Abrams and being put into a situation where we would HAVE to talk about Star Wars for the next 6 hours. We’d have no other choice. The second was that I’d sit next to my potential future wife, who is also a model, who spends her time both equally in New York and Los Angeles depending of her gigs of course, which I’m cool with as a husband.

Neither one of these happened.

This twenty something year old girl did sit next to me though. Probably cause she was digging my white v-neck/black jeans flight attire, or her ticket said 4E. Regardless, I was able to conclude that she was over 21, she ordered drinks. For real though, Jetblue is MAD hard on IDs. My boy Jessie got his ID taken when he was like 17.

I flipped open my Apple iPad Mini and began watching a film I had never seen before, Serendipity. What a fucking fantastic film. Huge rom-com guy over here and I can confidently say that one is top 10. As I cheered for John Cusack as he impulsively flew to San Francisco to find Kate Beckinsale, I couldn’t help but notice this girl in 4E giving me and my Apple iPad Mini a “what the fuck is wrong with this punk ass kid sitting next to me, why is he watching Serendipity, why does he keep closing and opening the windows, why does he have a stuffed animal of a dog, isn’t he like 22?” All fairly valid points.

The flight progressed and our relationship never went past a mutual nod that I needed to get up and stretch my legs so could she please get out of the way. However I couldn’t help but ponder the irony of the circumstance. In Serendipity, our characters learn to rely on fate, after meeting by pure chance on the street outside Bloomingdales, they somehow come together again three years later. Could this girl from 4E be the one?

Probably not, she was way taller than me. I’m a hard 5’8 and she was a borderline 5’11. Just, just doesn’t work. But it goes to show you, you never know who you might sit next to one day.